You can’t go wrong with West Village engagement photos! If you’ve just said, “I do,” trust me when I say you’ll want to say I do to this location, too.

While there are so many great engagement session locations in New York City, West Village is one of the best. As a NYC wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many engagements throughout the city, but photos taken in this area of NYC are always some of my favorites.

If you’re prepping for your own West Village engagement photos or you’re curious what a session in this area could look like, keep reading!

How to Get the Best West Village Engagement Photos

Bring comfortable outfits

First things first, be sure to bring comfortable outfits. West Village has a great charm with cobblestone streets and local cafes and shops, so be sure to bring an outfit that matches that but doesn’t blend in, either.

I know, I know; it can be difficult dressing two people, too! My best advice is to not go matchy-matchy. Instead, wear outfits that complement one another. Be sure to also dress for the same “vibe;” if one of you is super dressed up, the other should be too. Usually, fairly casual clothing works perfectly for visiting West Village for photos.

This is an area, too, where you may be doing a decent amount of walking to get the best backdrops at different locations. So, be sure to wear footwear that you are comfortable with. If you’re not comfy, trust me, it will come through in the photos! You both want to feel like yourselves in your images.

Be ready for anything

Just like with any photo session, you want to be ready for anything. It’s a city, so you never know what might happen… and that’s a good thing. Whether it’s a spontaneous street performance or unpredictable weather, just go with the flow. This allows you to seize any unique moments that might come about, which can truly add a lot of fun and character to your engagement photos.

A couple drinks from champagne glasses on steps outdoors.

Use the season to your advantage

One of the great things about New York City (well, depending on who you ask) is that it has all the seasons. So, use the season to your advantage. Whether it’s spring with the flowers just blooming, adding fun pastels to the neighborhood, or fall with the fiery colors of foliage, you can’t go wrong with the season. 

Incorporate local shops + cafes

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many fun local shops and cafes throughout the West Village, and when it comes to engagement photos, you can really use them and incorporate them if you want. Pose in front of your favorite cafe or stroll hand in hand past the windows of local boutique shops to really incorporate the beauty of West Village into your photos.

Bring fun props

Just like with any photo shoot, be sure to bring some fun props. Try to bring items that matter to add a unique touch to your photos. Props can really range from anything like a to-go mug that you love to an umbrella (if it’s raining) and really anything in between. A great rule of thumb is to bring props that can also double as an activity, which might help you feel a bit less awkward in front of the camera.

For instance, if we end up going to a park in the West Village or a green space, can you bring a picnic? Then, you can focus on an activity for a few photos (setting up the picnic, eating) to get used to the camera!

A couple smiles nose to nose in the middle of the city

Relax + have fun

Another of the best tips for West Village engagement photos is to really just relax and have fun. I know, you’ve probably heard this tip before, but really… I mean it! The West Village is pretty laid back and has super picturesque streets, so just enjoy the moment with your partner.

Remember, engagement photos are really not just about “posing” or getting the perfect shot for a save-the-date. It’s really about documenting your love story and the connection between you both, whether it’s dancing on the cobblestone streets, stealing a kiss in a cafe, or sharing a joke. These small moments are what translate really well into photos. 

Find fun backdrops + locations

Exploring the West Village is a lot of fun and there are luckily lots of great backdrops and locations that are perfect for an engagement session. There’s unique streets with historic brownstones, hidden gardens, and more that can work perfectly for a session.

Wondering where to get your photos taken in the West Village? I’ve listed out some great streets in the next section of this article!

Best West Village Photo Spots for an Engagement Session

MacDougal Street

First up is MacDougal Street which has some pretty famous cafes and restaurants. Historically, this was an area that a lot of writers, artists, and other creatives used to come to (like Jack Kerouac) hang out. The street also is known for its culture and nightlife.

But, when it comes to photos, it’s also extremely picturesque. The shops and restaurants make for a great backdrop, and brownstones line the streets, too. For a quintessential West Village engagement photo, MacDougal Street is a great stop.

A couple hugs one another with their dog against a brick building covered in greenery.

Gay Street

While it’s a super short street, Gay Street just had to be included. This is a pretty popular spot to stop and take photos and just visit in general in NYC. The street is actually part of the Stonewall National Monument. 

For photos, this street is great because of how colorful the buildings are. While there’s many actual brownstones in the area, here you can get buildings with reds, oranges, blues, and more, which adds some great depth into the photos. Plus, the street is slanted, which makes for a unique background without as many cars in every shot.

Washington Square Park

Located in Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park is a great spot to take photos if you want a more green atmosphere. This public park isn’t necessarily in West Village but deserved a spot on this list for being in the area.

This park is pretty popular and you’ve probably seen it on TV in shows like Avengers: Infinity War, Glee, and even Ghostbusters II. It has a huge fountain that’s incredibly picturesque, and so many great areas you can sneak away too away from others (despite the crowds) for some great photos. 

This is one of the locations in the area that’s better to try to get photos at earlier in the day, because it is a popular spot to go to as the day goes on. Unless you don’t necessarily mind the crowds!

Meet the Couple: Clarissa & Tyler

I just wanted to take a brief moment to let you know about the awesome couple featured throughout the photos in this blog post, Clarissa and Tyler. They met in college at the University of Oregon, which is something we bonded over. I’m originally from Oregon!

It was so fun photographing them for their engagement session in the West Village. They are getting married at The Skylark here in New York City this August. During our session, we walked around West Village and stopped for espresso martinis, which was so much fun. 

Final Thoughts: Engagement Photos in West Village

Well, there you have it; I hope you enjoyed learning all about West Village engagement photos. Truly, no matter where in this area you decide to take photos (and as long as you show up and have fun), you’ll surely have some of the most unforgettable photos for your save-the-dates.

Are you still looking for a NYC engagement photographer? I’d love for you to get in touch so I can show you around this awesome city and take some great photos. Click here to get in touch!

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