Being in New York City has so many perks but one of the best ones is how beautiful the city can be. If you are looking for the perfect place for a photoshoot, NYC just can’t be beaten. There are so many places around the city, and there is so much energy and life felt throughout that it is just an incredible place to be. 

However, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. As an NYC photographer, though, I can promise you that you will have an experience unlike any other and will come away with photos that highlight not only you but also this amazing city. 

If you are trying to plan an engagement session here and want to capture the perfect NYC engagement photos, take a look at some of my top tips, from locations to what to wear to when to plan your session! 

NYC Engagement Photos Locations

When it comes to the location for your NYC engagement session, there are an infinite amount of places you can go. From some of the top destinations in the city to your own living room, your engagement photos can turn out amazing wherever you go. 

One of my top suggestions when it comes to picking your engagement session location is to pick somewhere that is meaningful to you and your partner. This can be where you had your first date, where you popped the question, or where you like to hang out every weekend. 

Here are a few suggestions for locations where you can get the perfect NYC engagement photos! 

Outside Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden 

If you and your partner love sports, why not embrace that in your engagement photos? These photos are meant to show off you and your relationship, so if you’re not someone who is dressed to the nines all the time with every strand of hair in place, why force yourself to look like that in your engagement photos. 

Maybe your first date was at a Yankees game, or you have season tickets to the Knicks or the Rangers. If you both bonded over your love of sports, why not incorporate that into your engagement session? 

Central Park 

A couple holding hands and walking along a path in a park.

Now, Central Park is probably one of the more obvious picks for where to go for engagement photos in NYC, and there’s a reason for it. Central Park can be absolutely beautiful and can make for the perfect, nature-filled backdrop for your session in the city.

Keep in mind that the park can be busy, so you may want to plan your shoot around times when fewer people will be out or try to find quieter spots to escape to in order to have a few intimate moments with your partner. 

Subway Stations 

Subway stations are a great way to incorporate the city into your photoshoot. Whether it’s the one you ride every day or one that has your favorite street art, they can help to bring a more modern look to your engagement photos! 

Your favorite restaurants and bars 

A person sitting a bar holding a martini glass while leaning down on her partner's shoulder.

If you and your partner love going out and trying all the different restaurants or bars around the city (because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t), then why not make a few stops at your favorite restaurants for your engagement session? 

Grab a piece of pizza to share, sip on your favorite cocktail, or enjoy some pastries together. This will not only bring a fun element into your photos, but it can also help you relax and enjoy the moment more (which will only make your photos turn out even more beautiful!). 

Around your favorite neighborhoods 

A couple standing against a mosaic wall with light shining down on them.

With so many places around the city to explore, you can spend your session bouncing around through some of your favorite neighborhoods. Whether you want to head over to the West Village and have beautiful brownstones as your backdrop or head over to the Brooklyn Bridge, you can get the best of all of the different neighborhoods throughout your session! 


A couple standing on a rooftop with the NYC skyline behind them.

Finally, for that perfect NYC skyline photo with your partner, you can find different rooftops around the city to stop at during your photoshoot. These are amazing places to get that magical shot of the two of you, especially if you are able to time it right around sunset! 

Engagement Photo Outfits

Wear something you’re comfortable in 

Comfort is key when it comes to any photoshoot. Yes, you want to look your best, but in order for that to happen, you need to feel your best. You want to try to avoid anything that is going to be super tight or that you are going to constantly have to adjust throughout the shoot. 

You also want to make sure that you dress for the weather. If your shoot is in the middle of winter, it’s probably not the best time to break out a sundress. Similarly, a turtleneck or heavy sweater may not be the best bet if you’re planning an outdoor shoot in the summer. 

A person holding a dog as their partner kisses their cheek.

Check the weather beforehand 

Speaking of weather, make sure you check the weather beforehand. While rain or snow doesn’t necessarily mean your session is going to be ruined, not being prepared for it will. It never hurts to pack an umbrella (that’s maybe not the floral one you’ve had since you were 10) or layers to make sure that whatever Mother Nature throws at you, you are prepared for! 

Pick things that complement each other without matching 

We’ve all seen the picture with the people in matching outfits, and it’s just…not it. Instead, when you’re thinking about what you are going to wear for your NYC engagement photos, find things that complement each other without actually matching. Try not to wear the exact same colors as each other, but find complementary colors. 

While a lot of photographers will tell you to wear neutral colors, I say go for color and patterns. Fashion is a great way to expres yourself so wear something that matches your taste and the vibe for your session, whether that’s neurals, bright colors, or patterns. 

A couple holding hands and walking along a street.

Think about the locations you’re going to visit 

Finally, think about where you are going to be taking your photos before picking your final outfits. If you’re going to gardens or parks, florals may not be the best option because you may start to blend in with the scenery. 

Similarly, if you’re planning on taking your photos in front of brownstones, you may want to avoid those shades of red and brown, so you don’t end up matching the wall! 

Seasons in NYC

Believe it or not, but the seasons can play a major role in how your engagement photos turn out. Here are some important things to know and keep in mind for each season in NYC.


Summer is easily the hottest time of year in NYC! It can also be the busiest because so many people are off on vacation and want to visit the city that never sleeps. However, morning or evening shoots during summer in NYC can be truly magical, especially when the sunrise or sunset is involved.

A couple kissing in front of a green garden.


For some of the best scenery, you could get your NYC engagement photos taken in the fall. During this time of year, all of the trees start to change color, creating magnificent backdrops with vivid shades, especially in the many parks scattered throughout the city. Plus, the temperatures are a bit cooler most of the time.

Black and white photo of a couple holding hands and walking along a lake.


Winter is seriously magical in NYC and can make for some epic engagement photos! If you’ve seen any holiday movies, then you know how hard NYC goes when it comes to the winter season. Bright lights everywhere, incredible displays in windows, and of course, the city gets a fun vibe when snow starts to fall.

Just keep in mind that indoor photos may be best during this time of year, depending on how the snow looks (it can get muddy towards the end of the season) and how cold it is.


Though spring can get a bit rainy, you can usually rely on pretty great temperatures and beautiful views during this season. The cherry blossoms also start to bloom in the New York City Botanical Garden, along with the rest of the flowers all across the city. These can make wonderful backdrops for your engagement photos, depending on the vibe you want to go for.

A couple holding their dog in between them as they kiss its head.

Final Thoughts on NYC Engagement Photos 

When it comes to getting the perfect NYC engagement photos, you are going to have plenty of options, and there are so many ways to make the session and photos authentic to you and your partner. If you’re still looking for the perfect photographer to capture your vision with your engagement photos in NYC, I’d love to help. Get in touch today and let me know about what you had in mind! I specialize in a fun co-creation process that will truly make your memories live on through your photos for years to come.

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