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I became an NYC wedding photographer to document those times when people are so alive and aligned to who they really are. You know those pictures - the ones where a sweater or a smile takes you back to a whole moment in your life? That’s what I want to curate for you with my mix of posing and documentary images.

Even before I began photographing five years ago, I’ve always loved people. Since I left my small hometown, I’ve lived for meeting new people. I love getting glimpses into their lives and trying to understand who they are beyond preconceived ideas. (Can you tell I was also a psych major?) We share so many similarities, including the desire to feel confident in our bodies. As I fell in love with photography, getting my own portrait taken helped me find confidence in who I am. I realized how meaningful a photo can be in helping people see their own worthiness and remember the joyful moments we too easily forget.

I'm Francesca

You’ve gone to all the trouble to look like you just stepped out of a magazine. I’m going to tell you how to angle your face and hold your shoulders in portraits. But I’ll also catch your best friend wiping away a tear during the ceremony and your grandparents cutting up on the dance floor.

I’m able to capture all of these incredible moments because I use a mix of posing and more documentary photography.

You’re just one person. No matter how well you plan your wedding or portrait session, there’s only so much you can see and experience. When I’m your NYC wedding photographer, you can relax and be in the moment with your people knowing that I’ll catch those heartstopping emotions in everyone’s expressions and movements.

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everywhere for you.

But also know that I love to joke around! Is there a better way to get to know each other? Those natural smiles and organic poses are only possible when you’re really enjoying yourself.

This people-loving Pisces is easy to be around. Clients often tell me that I’m a calming presence so they can relax in front of the lens.

I don’t do cringe. I can’t with prom poses and cliché veil photos. As an NYC wedding photographer, I keep the focus on the emotional truths at the heart of your day. Want photos of you reaching for your partner’s hand or your guests’ out-of-control laughter during a friend’s toast? I’m your photographer!

A few things you should know about me:

I believe that the most meaningful images are created when you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We don’t have to rush through a shot list. After photographing over 50 weddings, I’m very good at taking what comes and making the most of it. I’ll make sure we get the photos that matter to you while we’re in the flow of the day.

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from my clients

Arielle + Kristina, Proposal

There was no awkwardness or anxiety. The communication was clear. And she’s so funny! She has you try things and play, in a way that makes you feel completely at ease. You forget that you’re in front of the camera, and you feel as though you’re sharing a really intimate moment with someone who is so supremely happy for you. Her positive energy is infectious and she keeps things moving and upbeat. The experience itself was amazing, so it was hard to imagine the photos being anything but great. Still, the photos exceeded all expectations… I cannot recommend her enough.”


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from my clients

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I’m an NYC wedding photographer who will help you co-create images of confidence so you can relive that feeling again and again.

When you work with me, you can expect kindness and respect. Whatever your authentic self looks like and whomever you love, I strive to create a safe space for you with my photography 

My approach

I’m an NYC photographer who is more than a little obsessed with documenting your looking-good-feeling-even-better moments.

I’m Francesca!