Considering having engagement party photography? Then pop the champagne and let the celebration begin. You’ve said “yes” and now it’s officially time to commemorate it all.

Getting engagement party photos isn’t just about preserving memories; it’s really about embracing the love between you both. There’s a unique vibe and ambiance that comes from getting photos taken at an engagement party instead of taking engagement photos with just the two of you.

As a wedding photographer in NYC, I’ve helped many couples celebrate their love through photography. From spontaneous dances to heartfelt toasts and everything in between, let’s dive into why you might consider getting engagement party photography.

Reasons to Get Engagement Party Photography

Showcase your bond

Let’s start with one of the most obvious: engagement party photography will truly allow you to showcase your bond. That’s also truly at the heart of your entire party, too, right? Through joyful laughter and glances throughout the event, it will all be captured by a photographer.

Involve friends and family

Your engagement party isn’t always for just you, either; often, you’ll go ahead and invite those closest to you, including friends and family. Together, you all celebrate your new engagement!

By hiring a professional photographer, you’ll be able to get all of the attendees captured. Sure, the main focus will be on you and your partner, but there will also be some great photos captured of everyone else who attends, to help showcase the relationships you have with those who mean the most to you. 

Highlight your engagement details

One of the best parts about professional engagement party photography is that it will help to easily highlight your engagement details. Yes, that obviously means your ring, but also a lot more than that! It will include your outfits, your accessories, and even the decor if you put any up for your event.

Each element is truly part of your celebration, and photographers make sure that they all get captured so that you can remember every part of your engagement party. Photographing these details offers you a chance to appreciate even the “smallest” details, allowing you to relive the celebration whenever you’d like.

Enhance the celebration

Professional photos will also help to enhance the celebration. Think about it; it would be a lot more difficult to have yourself or even a close friend or family member take photos throughout the night. Sure, it could work, but overall, it will be a lot more distracting for them.

The nice thing about hiring this out is that everyone gets to truly celebrate throughout the entire party, while the photographer serves as a bystander who gets to capture all of you in your element. The joy, love, and excitement of the event will all be remembered and magnified, which brings me to my next point. 

Make sure the essence is captured

The entire essence of the event will be captured when taken professionally. The emotions and spirit of the entire celebration will be encapsulated through imagery. Photographers bring a special eye when they capture any moment that really helps to have anyone who looks back on the photo almost feel like they were actually there.

This kind of photography focuses on encapsulating the entire celebration from the heartfelt moments to the genuine emotions and of course, the entire experience. It’ll ensure that it’s all preserved with intentionality and artistry.

Enjoy professional guidance

It can be really hard to try to be candid throughout an event (which is one of the easiest ways to get great photos). Having a professional photographer will provide you with valuable guidance throughout the entire celebration, to make sure that each shot is meticulously crafted.

When you hire an engagement photographer like myself, not only are you getting photos but you’re also getting help with suggested poses, moments, and even compositions that you might not have considered. This can truly enhance the overall quality and variety of the photos from your celebration.

Appreciate the venue

Photos from your engagement party should also show venue appreciation. What I mean by this is that you definitely put a lot of thought into where your celebration would be held, right? Well, a professional photographer will make sure the venue is captured in all its beauty.

This helps the images to allow the location to become an integral part of your engagement story, celebrating its role in being the backdrop to the entire event. Looking at the photos in the future will bring a smile to your face, knowing that you can always return to the place where your party occurred.

Wide selection of images

Opting for a professional to capture your engagement party also makes sure that you have a wide variety of images compared to if you were taking photos yourself. You’ll receive all the expressions, details, moments, and more, in your images.

This means that you’ll have a whole bunch of memories from the evening, even if they weren’t ones that you directly experienced yourself. Each will have a unique perspective, showcasing a different facet of your celebration.

Preview your wedding photos

Lastly, 99% of the time, your engagement photographer will also be your wedding photographer. Many wedding photographers even have some type of package that will include both to make your booking easier.

Engagement party photography offers a great preview of what to expect in terms of style and approach for your wedding photos and can help to get any “jitters” out before the big day comes. 

Tips for Photography During an Engagement Party

So, now that you know all about why you should consider hiring an engagement party photographer, here are some tips for getting engagement party photos taken.

Scout the venue

This might seem obvious, but be sure to scout out the venue a bit beforehand. This will allow you (and your photographer) to explore some of the spots that may be more picturesque throughout the venue. This can truly help to maximize the venue’s aesthetic and appeal throughout your images.

In addition, being familiar with the overall layout of the venue will allow for a more stress-free day. It will help with anticipating any possible challenges, like lighting adjustments or even background spots throughout the venue.

Dress to impress

Your attire for the engagement party is so important! You don’t only want to pick outfits that represent your personal style, but also that complement the event’s setting. For instance, if the venue you choose is super dark and atmospheric, it might not be best to wear navys, dark greens, or black, because you’ll blend in.

Additionally, be sure to consider your overall comfort in the outfit. It sounds funny, but the more comfortable you are in the outfit, the more natural you’ll appear in your images!

Discuss your vision

Have a clear and open discussion with your photographer ahead of time to chat about your vision. This will help to align expectations and also create a much more collaborative experience for both of you. Your photographer wants to take great photos of you just as much as you want to receive them!

Be candid and stay relaxed

Try your best to stay relaxed and be candid throughout the celebration. I know this is a lot easier said than done, but it will truly come across in your images if you’re relaxed or not. Do your best to stay as present as you can and just follow your natural flow of emotions and expressions.

By being natural with your interactions with guests and each other, you can make sure that your photos will reflect the happiness and excitement that the celebration will easily bring.

Pre-plan your key moments

Last but certainly not least, if you have any key moments happening during the event (like a toast) then be sure to pre-plan those! Let your photographer know approximately when they’ll be happening so that they can make sure they are in the best spot possible to capture the entire moment. 

Final Thoughts: Engagement Party Photos

So, should you have engagement party photos taken? I’m in the pool of absolutely yes, but it’s totally up to you! I hope this post has helped you think about whether it’s the right fit for you. Having moments like this professionally captured will make sure that the essence of the entire event will truly be remembered forever.

Are you looking to transform your memories into art? I’d love to learn more about your love story and see how I could help capture engagement party photos just for you. Click here to contact me and here to learn more about my current photography offerings!

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