New York City is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, inspiration, and beauty. While there are many NYC wedding venues, a 501 Union wedding is truly unlike any other.

Situated in Brooklyn, 501 Union is the perfect combination of old-school style mixed with a modern atmosphere. It’s really the best of both worlds, and I was lucky enough to capture Rachel and Markus’s wedding here as a NYC wedding photographer. You’ll see their 501 Union wedding photos throughout this post!

To help show you why a 501 Union wedding is truly unparalleled, keep reading. By the end of this article, you just may want to have a wedding there!

About the 501 Union Wedding Venue

Before we dive in, let’s talk a little about 501 Union as a wedding venue. As the name suggests, it’s situated at 501 Union Street in Brooklyn. It’s a stylish venue that combines timeless and contemporary styles all in one.

501 Union was built in 1916 and served a great purpose for classic car restoration through the years. The industrial past of the building truly echos subtly throughout its decorated halls, which brings a unique character that sets it apart from other conventional venues, even around NYC. The building itself has since gone through its own restoration that has the sophisticated glamor of the Deco Era combined with homages to its industrial heritage.

Every corner of the venue has a touch of intimate warmth, with natural light throughout the space. The space has carefully curated elements like custom chandeliers, Carrara marble bars, and breathtaking wallpaper. Paired with the tranquil outdoor garden, it’s easy to see why 501 Union attracts couples looking to get married.

For some basics, the venue capacity is 250, there is a private suite on-site to get ready, table and chair rentals are available, and receptions are held in the big main area where there’s a full bar and glass roof.

Now I know what you’re thinking… that all sounds great, but what’s an average 501 Union wedding cost? Unfortunately, like most wedding venues, I can’t give an exact answer as pricing does change throughout the year and even during the week. You can usually expect to spend anywhere between $10,000 to $12,500 for around 100 guests.

Meet Rachel and Markus

The amazing couple I photographed at 501 Union was Rachel and Markus! For some background, Rachel is from New York, and Markus is from California. They both met at Biola University in California and had their wedding in New York City. I was so excited when they found me on Instagram!

We captured their photos at the Brooklyn Promenade with the NYC skyline in the background. Rachel really wanted to have the classic brownstone Brooklyn look in her photos, so that area was the perfect solution.

501 Union Wedding Photos

Interested in seeing some of the 501 Union wedding photos that were captured? Check them out below, and also see some from the Brooklyn Promenade!

Tips for a 501 Union Wedding

If you are curious about having your own 501 Union wedding, here are my best tips.

Embrace the venue’s aesthetic

As mentioned earlier, one of the elements that make 501 Union such an amazing wedding venue is the overall aesthetic. So, embrace it! You can enhance your wedding decor by harmonizing it with the venue’s existing features, like the globe chandeliers and unique wallpaper. Try to allow the venue’s intrinsic beauty to amplify your wedding theme.

Utilize the natural light

The natural light at 501 Union is amazing. Plan out your ceremony, reception, and even wedding photos while considering the venue’s natural light. Position important moments, like your vows or first dance, in spots where the light perfectly captures the emotion and beauty of the occasion. This will often lead to better photos, too!

Take photos around the area

Similar to Rachel and Markus, you don’t have to necessarily take all of your photos at 501 Union. Brooklyn itself is filled with so many great photo spots around the area – make use of it! For instance, we went over to Brooklyn Promenade, which is only a 10-minute drive from 501 Union. If you want other aesthetics in your photos, odds are it’s 100% possible with the area.

Explore the history

501 Union has a unique history, similar to other Brooklyn wedding venues. Dive deep into the historical essence of the venue and use its automatic restoration background and Deco Era influence as inspiration. This will allow your wedding to stand out with subtle nods to the past. Add a few modern elements to add timeless elegance!

Customize the space to make it your own

Of course, be sure to customize the space to make it your own. Though 501 Union has its own quirks, one of the aspects that is great about the venue is that you can really dress it up or down to fit any theme or occasion. It’s extremely versatile.

While the venue is rich in character, try also to infuse some personal touches that will reflect your own love story because it’s unique! Whether through decor, customized menus, or creative use of the space, allow your personalities to shine amidst the venue’s historic elegance.

Reserve in advance

Similar to all wedding venues (especially in NYC), be sure to reserve in advance, especially in 501 Union is your dream wedding venue. There’s nothing worse than waiting too long and finding out that the venue has been booked on your ideal wedding day. 

Worst comes to worst; be sure to have a few backup venues in mind. If you’re working with a NYC wedding planner or even photographer already, then they may have some other venues in mind that they can direct you to in order to stay within your desired aesthetic or budget.

Hire a photographer who knows the space, or at least the area

Lastly, if you want to increase your chances of having even more breathtaking photos, consider hiring a photographer who knows the venue already. By hiring a photographer who knows the space, you can rest assured that they know all of the hidden spots throughout the venue that can make for a really memorable photo.

You could also get a photographer (like me) who knows Brooklyn extremely well. This can also help to ensure that if you want any photos taken outside of the venue, like Rachel and Markus, you might even get some help or tips on where to go!

Final Thoughts: Wedding at 501 Union

Hopefully, this post has shown you all about how amazing a 501 Union wedding can be. Whether you get your photos mostly taken at the venue itself or around the area like Rachel and Markus, you’ll surely have one of the most memorable days of your life.

If you’re still trying to find the perfect photographer to capture your big day at 501 Union, be sure to get in touch – I’d love to learn more about your love story and co-create photos with you and your partner. Click here to learn more about my services!

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