a woman sitting between a mans legs on a stoop. They are laughing together

Dana and Mike wanted to get photos to celebrate their New York City experience and engagement. We decided to go to West Village….one of my top favorite places to photograph NYC Engagement Photos at!

black and white photo of a man and woman walking while holding hands. The man is leading the woman.

West Village is full of charming brownstones and intimate locally owned restaurants and cafés, Carrie’s apartment from Sex and the City…and so many other landmarks. It was the perfect spot to take Dana and Mike’s NYC Engagement photos.

a couple standing underneath a street sign that states holding hands and looking at each other. Another photo of a woman hugging a man from behind.

For engagement sessions we meet at a specific spot and then we do a little photo walk. The location of your engagement session all depends on the vision you have for them. New York City is a playground for any photographer because there are an infinite amount of locations to photograph in. Each location offers a different “vibe.”

two hands wrapped around each other while one hand has a ring on it.

A perfect NYC Spring Evening

It was a gorgeous spring evening. The sun was out, people were out and NYC felt a little more alive and vibrant than it has in the past few months.

A man and woman standing with their heads together smiling.

Your NYC Engagement Photo Gallery

In your engagement photo gallery you will receive a variety of photos. You’ll have some candid shots, some close up/detail shots, and you will have the simple yet classic “smile at the camera” shots. All of the photos will come together as a collection of the experience you had. From the jokes to the silly banter, you will remember your experience and have the most beautiful photos to prove it!

A couple walking while holding hands
a couple dancing on a sidewalk in front of stoops and a bike.
A couple holding hands and kissing on a sidewalk
a couple sitting together on a stoop kissing in the middle

SJP’s Stoop

While we were taking photos in front of this beautiful stoop. A kind stranger let us know that this stoop was actually Sarah Jessica Parker’s old apartment. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful stoop…which makes sense…it was SJP’s previous stoop. Anyways..now I know and I’m taking every single one of my clients there! Inquire here to book your West Village Engagement Session.

one image of a couple holding hands while looking at each other laughing. Another image of a couple walking down the stoop holding hands and laughing.
a couple holding hands and smiling at each other while sitting on a stoop
a couple holding each other in front of west village apartments
a man leading a woman while holding hands on a sidewalk

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NYC Engagement Photos: Dana and Mike

May 17, 2022

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