These beautiful NYC Portraits are for Zoftig Boutique – a boutique based in New York City that focuses on empowering plus-size women to feel confident through clothing. These photos are from their recent Spring Collection and can we talk about how cute and flattering these pieces are!?

We decided to go to Industry City in Brooklyn to take these photos because of the amount of differing backgrounds. It was a beautiful day and the sun decided to come out and PLAY!

NYC Portrait Photography Tip

When taking photos of people, I’m sure you’ve heard people say that overcast weather is better for photos…but I don’t believe that. I personally love the variety of photos that come when shooting with a cloudless sky. When the sun is shining you can play with different lighting techniques – back lighting, side lighting, and front lighting. It’s SO fun when you’re able to get creative and try new lighting techniques. So if you’re a photographer or are looking to just take better photos for fun…don’t be scared to play around with the lighting!

When photographing for a clothing boutique it’s important to not only get full body images of the models wearing the pieces, but to also get photos of the details. One thing that has helped me is thinking about what photos I like seeing when I’m doing online shopping. Personally, I like seeing up-close/detail shots as well as full body shots. I want to be able to see myself in the pieces and imagine what it would look like on me in different lighting environments and from different angles.

two women laughing on a picnic bench. They are both wearing white jackets.

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NYC Portraits – Zoftig Boutique

February 17, 2023

I’m an NYC photographer who is more than a little obsessed with documenting your looking-good-feeling-even-better moments.

I’m Francesca!