This Central Park Proposal was a dream. Amanda’s sister had reached out to me through Instagram to see if I was available to photograph this proposal and I was. Julio and I hopped on a quick phone call and everything was set. He already knew where in Central Park he wanted to do it at – right in front of the Women’s Rights Pioneer Statue. He knew Amanda really cared about women’s rights so he thought it would be perfect. And it was!

man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend while she has a shocked look on her face
man kneeled down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend in central park. She has her hand covering her face.
man and woman hugging while woman is looking at her hand with an engagement ring on it.

As I’m sure you know, New York City in the Fall is unlike any other place. On top of that, Central Park in the Fall is crazy beautiful. With the leaves changing and the weather being absolutely perfect (those 2 weeks out of the year) there really isn’t a better time or place to pop that special question!

someone taking a photo with a phone of a hand with an engagement ring on it.
a man and woman hugging while the woman has a big smile on her face.
a man and woman hugging while a man has a big smile on his face
someone taking a photo of a woman smiling while holding out her hand with an engagement ring on it

There are two different types of proposals. The one where it’s just the two of you, and then there are the ones where your family is hiding in the bushes secretly watching the whole thing go down. Personally, I love when family is there, because then we can snag a few updated family pics for you guys. It’s basically like 2 photoshoots in 1!

a family standing together smiling
a group of people holding champagne flutes together in a cirlce
a couple walking in central park holding hands. The woman is looking over at the man with a smile on her face.

Once the question was asked and answered Amanda, Julio, and I walked around to take a couple photos. Whenever I photograph a proposal I always set aside time after for us to do a mini-photoshoot afterwards. Some couples use these photos for their wedding website and/or invitations!

a couple kissing while holding out a hand with an engagement ring on it.
a couple sitting on a bench smiling at each other
a couple kissing while the woman has her hand on the mans face to show her engagement ring
a couple sitting on a central park bench
a couple sitting close in front of the bethesda fountain
a side profile of a couple kissing in central park

You will never regret hiring a photographer for your proposal. Inquire here so we can set this thing up and surprise your favorite person! If you’re unsure where exactly you want to do it remember that a place with multiple sceneries like this Central Park Proposal is IDEAL. Reach out and I can help guide you through the process!


Central Park Proposal – Amanda and Julio

September 29, 2021

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