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Co-creating confidence 
in your photography 

This is about that feeling. Losing yourself in front of the lens. Letting it flow because you feel alive, open, and maybe even glamorous.

One of photography’s greatest powers is to remind you how good it felt to be in that moment. How at ease you felt, how comfortable in the company of your favorite people. Whether you’re looking for creative portraits or documenting your wedding day, you deserve modern images that take you right back to that moment.

Let’s make it happen.

own Vogue moment.

You deserve your

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← Elopements

→ Whether you’re in your villain era or your once-in-a-lifetime Bridgerton romance, I’ll take photos that match your vibe.
→ We’ll collaborate before the big day. I’ll use my expertise to guide you in clarifying your vision and how we’ll make it happen. 
→ All this effort means your actual photo experience feels effortless. You can really live it up for the lens.

You might be thinking, What does it even mean to co-create photos? I’m glad you asked.

Photography can help you see your own worthiness. To do that, it has to be an experience to settle into, not a job to check off a to-do list. I’ll work with you to co-create contemporary photos that make you shout, “Yes! That’s me!”

Photos that show how amazing you are? Love that for you.

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You can’t go wrong with West Village engagement photos! If you’ve just said, “I do,” trust me when I say you’ll want to say I do to this location, too. While there are so many great engagement session locations in New York City, West Village is one of the best. As a NYC wedding photographer, […]

West village engagement photos of a couple popping champagne on steps.
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If you’re reading this article, you want to know how to plan a brand photoshoot. You know a brand photoshoot is important and that a well-executed brand photoshoot will really help you stand out online, but the whole idea of planning can definitely feel daunting. Trust me, I get it! As a photographer who has […]

GIF of someone flipping a book.
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Coney Island is such a fun place to go and has so much character and life to it so why wouldn’t it be the perfect place for wedding photos? I mean, what could be more New York than getting Coney Island wedding photos?  As an NYC wedding photographer, I have been all over the city […]

Groom biting into a hotdog with bride laughing beside him, outside a food stall on a sunny day.
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When it comes to keeping your content fresh, it can sometimes be hard to have enough visual content that goes along with what you want to post or share. After all, we can sit here and write social captions for days, but you also need the visuals to go along with those to really connect […]

A confident woman poses with a billowing dark green scarf with a cream polka-dot pattern, paired with a denim shirt, wide-legged jeans, and navy heels. She stands before a backdrop of towering cacti, adding a touch of desert elegance to her bold ensemble.

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I’m an NYC photographer who is more than a little obsessed with documenting your looking-good-feeling-even-better moments.

Hey, I’m Francesca!

I’m an NYC photographer who is more than a little obsessed with documenting your looking-good-feeling-even-better moments.

I’m Francesca!