Have you been wondering why you might need personal branding photography? I’ve got you covered!

As a brand and portrait photographer in NYC, I have been fortunate enough to take photos for many different brands. I’ve had the chance to speak with creatives across a variety of industries who were all in need of professional brand photos for their businesses.

One thing that they all had in common? They truly understood the importance of personal branding photography and how it can give an edge to companies, both large and small.

In this post, I will break down why personal branding portraits are so important for small business owners. From the sense of connection you get from having a custom set of images created just for your brand to the way they help establish trust with potential customers, there are so many reasons why investing in personal branding portraits is worth it.

Reasons Why You Need Personal Branding Photography

It levels up your business through your website and socials.

One of the easiest reasons why personal branding photography is a must is that it levels up your business through both your website’s design and your social media. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to someone’s website before and seen way too many stock photos. Plus, we all know when something is a stock photo versus when it’s not. It is 2023, after all. The same goes for socials.

When you have photos that are taken specifically for you and your business, you so easily stand out amongst all the stock photos online and are able to connect with your dream clients better while showing off a bit of your personality (which we will touch on later).

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Creating content becomes much more of a breeze.

When you have personal brand photos taken for your business, creating content becomes much more of a breeze. You’ll be able to quickly and easily post captions with any photos from your gallery, keeping your followers engaged!

Plus, investing in personal branding photography is sure to inspire you and give you a fresh perspective on your business. When you’re feeling inspired and creative, it’s easy to produce great content that resonates with your audience.

A person writing in a journal with different color swatches on it.

Photos help display your brand messaging visually.

Personal branding photography gives you the platform to showcase your unique brand messaging visually for all to see. Whether it’s modern minimalism or eye-catching vibrancy, personal branding photography is the perfect way for creatives like you to display a brand message.

For creatives with a polished luxury brand, personal branding photos can highlight the sharpness of their aesthetic. Clean lighting and simple studio photos can show off the elegance of their brand. On the other hand, if a creative is bold and colorful, then taking photos in bright clothing in front of street art, as an example, is sure to capture the brand’s personality and energy.

Visual cues can very quickly help to tell exactly what your brand is all about and what it stands for in just a few seconds.

An artist holding a paintbrush looking at a canvas.

You’ll have an instant A+ first impression.

Personal branding photos make a lasting first impression that sticks with viewers. With the right photo, creatives can give off specific energy without even saying a word. And, when it comes down to it, people are most likely going to see your brand’s visuals before they see anything else, so you want to make sure your images match your brand’s vibe. 

Also, when people see that you’ve invested in your own brand through photography, they’re more likely to trust you and your work, knowing that you’ll put the same energy into their business as you put into yours.

A woman laying on the ground reading a book with other books around her head.

You can visually tell your brand’s story.

Brand photos can help creatives to tell their story in a meaningful way. Instead of relying on words, photos that capture the essence of the brand’s story can help viewers gain an understanding of what the brand is about or even where it started. 

For example, maybe you’re a writer who got your start while working at a local newspaper business. Maybe you could use those old newspapers as props in your imagery, showing that story without words.

An illustration draft pulled up on a laptop.

Helps to show exactly what you do and what you offer.

For creatives who are interested in getting personal brand photos taken, the imagery that you create can help to show exactly what you do and what you offer (and doesn’t have to be the same images you see on everyone else’s site).

For example, if you’re a copywriter, you don’t have to just take pictures of yourself typing on your computer. Instead, they can be of you writing in a journal or you engaging with printed copies of your work. Or, if you’re a wedding planner, you can take pictures of yourself setting up a table or interacting at a wedding instead of just looking at a checklist. 

All these touch points make it easier for people to understand your services and passions without having to explain them in words. With the right photography strategy, you can easily showcase your brand story while still remaining authentic and engaging.

An artist sitting on the floor looking through sketches.

Have consistency across your platforms.

Using the same photos everywhere in your business helps to create instant brand recognition. A consistent look in your photos will also make your content and messaging more engaging, as it will reinforce the story you’re telling every time you use them.

Brand photos can help ensure that all platforms and mediums are sending out a clear message about who you are and what you do. The right photos can also drive engagement with customers, encouraging them to follow along with your journey.

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They help you stand out from the crowd.

Brand photos can help you stand out from the crowd by conveying a unique story and look that’s different from all the others in your industry. Whether it is through vibrant colors, exceptional composition, or creative angles, getting personal brand photos taken will show off your uniqueness in an engaging way.

A woman sitting at a desk looking through books.

You’ll have the potential to increase your revenue.

Brand photos, when used properly, can be a great way to increase revenue. By taking the time to invest in personal brand photos, you are giving yourself a powerful tool to use in marketing materials. Creating visuals that capture the attention of your target audience and make them think will give you a competitive edge over those who don’t take the time to invest in their brand image.

Additionally, with more high-quality content that stands out from what everyone else is doing, you’ll find yourself gaining more followers and customers who want to get involved with your story. Brand photos are an effective way to give your business a boost!

A black and white photo of an artist painting on a canvas.

Put a face to your brand & showcase your personality.

Using custom personal brand photos on your website and social platforms makes them more human and personable. Your online presence becomes a reflection of yourself, which helps to give potential customers a sense of connection with your brand.

By having a professional set of images taken specifically for you, you can craft the aesthetic for how you want your brand to be perceived. Your personal branding photos can be taken in an engaging way that speaks directly to your target audience, allowing them to get to know who is behind the company before they even reach out.

Investing in personal branding photography ensures that your online presence stands out from the rest and effectively communicates the message you want it to send.

A woman with her legs swung over the side while she is writing in a notebook.

It’s FUN!

Getting professional brand photos taken is not only beneficial for your business, but it can also be a fun and exciting experience! It’s an opportunity to look and feel your best while getting creative with the photographer. Not only are you creating dynamic visuals that will bring more attention to your brand, but you’re also taking part in a process of self-expression.

With the right photographer (ahem, me, especially if you’re looking for a fun co-creation experience in NYC), you can capture the essence of who you are in a way that resonates with people. Investing in personal branding photography may be a worthwhile investment, but it doesn’t have to feel like work; it’s an enjoyable adventure too!

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Final Thoughts: Personal Branding Portraits

When crafting your personal brand photos, be sure to find a professional photographer who can capture your essence while also creating dynamic visuals that draw people in. I hope you enjoyed his post all about personal branding photography and that it’s shown you how powerful of a tool it can be in your business.If you’re in the NYC area and you’re looking for an experienced photographer with an eye for creativity, let’s connect! Get in touch if you’re ready to create unique and authentic visuals that express the real you. Together, we can get creative with fun and meaningful photos that showcase the best of you and your business.

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